What Kind of Day Has It Been is out December 1

What Kind Of Day Has It Been - Cover Art

Not quite sure where this kind of dance-pop EDM sound came from, but I assure you it’s me. The main synth riff was originally a pleasant little piano riff I used on one of my amateurish home recordings of this song (thank God for producers), which is available online if you care to look it.  

The title is “borrowed” from season-ending episodes in pretty much every one of Aaron Sorkin’s shows, which I love. to be honest, I loved this phrase from the first time I saw it, in The West Wing, and didn’t feel comfortable ripping it off like that, but when I saw that he used the same phrase in each of his shows, I concluded that if he can steal from himself, so can I. After all, as Sorkin himself quoted Wilde on the West Wing, “good writers borrow from each other, great writers steal”.