Maki Supa is the stage name of former Friends Of John’s frontman, American-Israeli Yoav Gerber, which was itself a stage name for the musician, who was not about to let the fact that he didn’t have a band stand in the way of his lifelong dream of having a band. Friends Of John’s released two albums, 2015’s 6-song EP, Potentially Violent, produced by Ithamar Samuel Eshpar, and 2017’s Fluid, produced by Joseph E-Shine. He did little to promote the music and it died a slow death, liked by some, heard by few.

In recent years he has been focusing on writing and recording demos for other artists, but the time spent in the studio on this project tickled his music bone, and five years later he is back to releasing music, as part of the Noon To Nine project sessions, in which he and Producer Shai Saadia hunker down for nine hour sessions in which they complete a song from recording to mix, with a “whatever happens, happens” approach. The result is a different kind of focus as ideas are rapidly thrown out and just as rapidly tested, in order to quickly capture the essence of each song.

These sessions have so far led to four completed songs, each with a completely different style and approach, though always with Gerber’s emphasis on evocative lyrics and infectious melodies and Saadia’s professional layering of sounds and harmonies. Somewhere In Bretagne was released on August 30, 2022, and will be followed by pop-rock anthem Inspirational Song #12 (click for a sneak peek) (October 1, 2022), Lamrot, the artist’s first-ever Hebrew song (November 1, 2022), and the melodic dance-pop What Kind Of Day Has It Been (click for a sneak peek) (December 1, 2022), which takes its name from season-episodes in all of Aaron Sorkin’s TV shows.

Aside from the Hebrew language Lamrot, the songs completed thus far each include homages to Maki Supa’s favorite band, R.E.M., which only truly avid listeners of the band would probably pick up on, but of course, those are his favorite parts of the songs.

Other inspirational artists include The Beatles, John Frusciante, Elliot Smith, Simon & Garfunkel, Nirvana, and The Pet Shop Boys.


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